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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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after high temperatures only in the mid-20's today. it's already in the teens north and west and i'm afraid the faster we get past sunset, the faster these temperatures will fall into the single digits for some. now, winds are calm and will not be as blustery as last night. so, we won't have that biting wind with the brutal wind chills like we saw earlier this morning. but even a slight wind drops those wind chill values into the low teens. it feels like 12 in washington. it feels like 12 in quantico. 19 in manassas and nine out at dulles right now. all right, here's what we're looking at outside. not much. you would think with all this cold we would have chances for snow but we really don't through the whole thing we're not really seeing much --, well, we may have a flurry or two tomorrow. it will be a day featuring sunshine. tonight expect mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 20's in the district but colder north and west and overnight we all fall back into the teens. i do think we may see a single digit or two the further north and west you go especially up into the mountain tops there. 18 degrees for that low temperature in washington. not much
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morning. slightly less cold friday once we get into the afternoon. i think we'll see those temperatures at least get above the freezing mark so that's some improvement. but even that improvement will not last long. all the details still ahead in my seven-day forecast. tony and marina. >> all right, caitlin thank you very much. now we want to turn to an update on those major traffic issues along i-95 in stafford county. >> this all started after a man shot at police during a pursuit and then crashed the car he was in causing it to overturn. >> this is video that you're seeing right now from skyfox shot a little bit earlier. you can see all the backups this caused for hours and we understand there's still major backups out there. fox5's anjali hemphill is in stafford with new details on how this all unfolded. >> reporter: this whole incident started here at the english run apartment complex off herron drive. a woman shot and killed in a third floor apartment. investigators say the man responsible then led them on a chase before firing out his window at law enforcement striking two of their vehicles. now, take a look at this
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vehicles hit. you're looking at a bullet hole through the windshield of a stafford county sheriff's car. i'm told the deputy was driving and ducked just in time. the bullet still lodged in his headrest. now, take a look at this. this is video of the suspect's crumpled suv after it flipped on northbound 95 near mile marker 142 snarling traffic ever since. state police say they got a be on the lookout call for a black ford explorer believed to be driven by the suspect involved in the shooting that happened around 11:30 this morning. a trooper spotted it around mile marker 137 and tried to pull it over. however, the driver refused leading that trooper on a chase. state police say at one point, the suspect leaned out of the driver's side window and fired several shots at the trooper, striking his windshield, causing the trooper to crash. then a stafford county sheriff's deputy took over the chase, the same thing happened, the suspect firing out the window hitting the windshield, all while moving at a high rate of speed. the suspect continued dri
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eventually sideswiping a car losing control and flipping over. somehow both the deputy and the trooper avoided being shot or injured. but the suspect was flown to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. he has not been identified and neither has the woman killed but neighbors here say they were a couple with several kids and they only moved in two weeks ago. >> um, it's sad. it's very terrible. the kids, i'm worried about them. you know, they have, what, no mother, no father now. i don't know the facts about the story. so, it's depressing and the neighborhood is not bad but family disputes things happen but it's sad. >> reporter: at this point it's not clear what led up to the shooting. that and the pursuit are still under investigation. in stafford, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> now w we want to turn to an update in a police chase that ended in a violent crash in herndon. investigators say the suspect brendan vincent remains in the hospital tonight.
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at one point officers had to call for backup after vincent attempted to wrestle out of his handcuffs. a woman and five children are also receiving treatment at the hospital following last night's crash. several vehicles were involved. one child was ejected from a minivan. police say the incident began at a home on autumn drive where vincent allegedly assaulted a child at the front door before fleeing. >> ♪ >> now to a developing story. the teen charged in the death of 17-year-old jamar resydnor just appeared in court. sydnor was shot and killed while driving in northeast d.c. neighborhood four months ago. fox5's tisha lewis joins us live from d.c. superior court with this story. tisha. >> reporter: well, 18-year-old james mayfield made his first court appearance tonight. the judge called him an extreme danger to the community and refused his request to be released on his own recognizance. not only is he accused in the fatal shooting
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resydnor but police believe he's responsible for two other fatal shooting that happenedalsd this week. in court sydnor's mother was there just steps away from mayfield and she describes how she felt when she saw him walk out in shackles. take a listen. >> completely disgusted. you know, he killed my baby. he killed my innocent child. i was completely disgusted. he's a monster. he is -- he's a monster. and it's just sad that he had the opportunity to strike yet twice again. you know, just because he had not been caught for whatever reason. >> reporter: that was sydnor's mother who also happens to be a sergeant for the metropolitan police department.
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police department. police say the same .40 caliber pistol was used in all the shootings. investigators were able to develop evidence that ties mayfield to homicides across the district including 17-year-old jamar resydnor. now, sydnor was struck by a bullet when she was heading to her sister's wedding back in august. mayfield was arrested yesterday after police say they responded to a call for an attempted robbery involving a firearm in the 3100 block of berry road in northeast. in all cases, several witnesses reportedly identified mayfield who has been on the run since october. tonight police chief newsham addressed questions and concerns about why it took so long to catch him. >> when someone is trying not to be found, they can be very difficult to find. it is my understanding that mr. mayfield has actually changed his appearance somewhat from the photographers that were released. >> we have an 18-year-old in the last several months we think is
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homicides. and we don't know how many robberies. so, we have a person who has really in a lot of ways terrorized the community and so we want to send a strong message to any -- any victim of crime, any person who would commit robberies in our city that our detectives and police officers and community members want to live in safe neighborhoods and they are going to work to make sure that we have safe neighborhoods. >> reporter: mayfield is charged with three counts of first degree murder while and armed and he's charged with carrying a pistol without a license. he's also a person of interest in at least three additional robberies. he's back in court here on january 11th. and what i can tell you sitting in the courtroom just steps away from mayfield, he showed no emotion. in fact, at one point the judge asked him if he understood the
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instructions, he said no, then had a conversation with his attorney and then he said he did understand them. in terms of his change of appearance, the mug shot he has no facial hair. he did have facial hair and a little bit of longer hair in court today. at one point it became so emotional for the victims' families that were all in court today, one came out -- rushed out in tears before returning to court so obviously a long and emotional journey is ahead. tisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> new tonight democrat doug jones' historic victory over republican roy moore is now official. alabama election officials certified him the winner of the special senate election despite moore's last minute lawsuit claiming voter fraud. moore's attorney called for a fraud investigation and a new vote writing that he believes there were irregularities during the election. the race was closely watched with jones winning
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20,000 votes. president trump sent a strong warning to china. in a tweet the president said "caught red handed. very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into north korea. there will never abfriendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen ." the united nations security council banned north korea in september from importing natural gas. >> coming up a conviction in a decades old murder case thrown out. >> fox5's p paul wagner is working on this story. a d.c. judge says an fbi agent's testimony rested on a foundation of lies and throws out a conviction in a 1985 murder case. i'll have that story coming up after the break.
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derrie nelson is the sixth man in the last eight years to have his conviction overturned on false hair analysis. fox5's paul wagner spoke with nelson today. he's in our news room with the story. this is really quite a story, paul. >> reporter: yeah, tony we just found out about it this week. derrie nelson has been locked up for 33 years and just last week learned his conviction had been overturned. in a 40 page opinion judge todd edelman cited the testimony of an fbi agent that hairs found at the scene of a crime were match when they were not. on february 12th, 1985, the body of james nicholls was found inside the second floor back bedroom of this house on lamont street northwest. a home where derrie nelson once rented a many re. the details in this case are extensive. suffice it to say at trial prosecutors claimed derrie nelson entered the house to retrieve belongings and after ransacking the place shot and killed james nicholls. at trial fbi agent mha
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the body of nichols were match to nelson. despite maintaining his innocence nelson was convicted. we spoke to him by phone from the federal prison in north carolina. >> the last thing i said when i left out of the courtroom in 1985 was i suggest you find the person who did this. >> reporter: the man holding the phone is long time friend and supporter joe collis. >> i do not understand the delay in this especially when the department of justice has already admitted that they know agent michael p. malone was a fraudulent, his techniques were -- there was malfeasance and they didn't approve it. seems like to me they should have moved swiftly to handle my case and get it out of the way. >> reporter: since 2009, government prosecutors have admitted false hair analysis was used to convict kevin martin, kirk odom, cleveland wright, sante
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in his opinion, judge edelman conclusions as definitive science when they simply were not. and the statistical conclusions were at best a guess and at worst yet another fabrication. bernie grim represented kevin martin, one of the five of the men. >> jurors love law and order. they love these documentary shows. they love these shows where there's all this science involved. so, when they get in a jury room and they deliberate they'll throw out eyewitness testimony which can be unreliable for some reasons. 12 people can agree even if we throw all that out we still have this hair that came from this defendant's head and was found at the victim's apartment, place or on her body or on his body and that alone you can get a unanimous verdict out of that alone by itself just the hair. >> reporter: following the
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attorney's office immediately filed a motion for a status hearing. now scheduled for february. the u.s. attorney's officers says they're now reviewing the judge's ruling haven't no further comment. in the fox5 news room, i'm paul wagner. >> all right. it's a win for navy in the military bowl. >> brody logan live in annapolis. hey, brody. >> reporter: hey, yeah, navy had a big win today in their home stadium but the after party is more about this. a special ipa and a special brewery. we're going to tell you all about it coming right up. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> it is the one thing that most people at home are probably talking about, the cold weather because you can't do anything else but stay at home. >> just walking out to your car getting the newspaper. >> frost bite. >> it's pre
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winter around here. >> no. >> so, it is unusual to be this cold and it's also very unusual for us to be as cold as long as we're forecasting. which is really for the next seven days and possibly beyond. so, maybe we'll all have thicker blood by then maybe as we start off 2018 feeling like canadians or something accustomed to the cold. most likely not. by the way, it is going to be slightly less cold by the time we get into tomorrow afternoon. we saw high temperatures reach only the mid-20's today. we should do at least the mid 30's tomorrow. that's something. but it will be another cold start tomorrow morning just like it was this morning. look at these low temperatures. reagan 16, dulles 13, bwi 13. and this does not even factor in the wind. it was still breezy this morning so we started off with wind chill values in the lower single digits to around zero maybe even some negatives north and west and on the ridge tops for sure once you get out into the mountains, so, wow, brutal cold and look at that. we're almost near our low temperatures yet again at bwi and dulles. 18 right now.
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22 in washington. 22 in annapolis and we'll watch these temperatures fall off pretty quickly over the next couple of hours. it is not just us. we can take some comfort in that we are not alone. it is 10 in boston, eight in pbuffalo. places like t international falls one. as i said earlier it's a good day for them when they've made it on the positive side of the 0-degree mark. places like north dakota have been below zero for days now. satellite and radar, not much overhead. clear skies. high pressure is in place. that will dominate our weather pattern making it very difficult to get any storm systems through here with this cold air just locked in place. and that high sits over us again tomorrow. the only moisture we can squeeze out is from these weak little clipper systems that come straight out of canada and that one will be approaching late friday night into early saturday morning which will deliver us a chance for some sno
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morning but that's really our only chance in the next seven days and it will be fairly minor, maybe just a coating on the ground. tomorrow's planner, this for your friday, 20 degrees to begin at 8:00 a.m. by lunch, 30 but hey, 35 there in the afternoon. as we head towards new year's, we've been talking about this all week, we'll continue to discuss that another arctic blast is waiting in the wings and this one looks even harsher meaning the coldest new year's in decades is expected. if we see a high temperature of just 25, which i'm forecasting, it hasn't been that cold since 1940, so you got to go a ways back for this type of cold. holiday forecast as we head towards new year's day, of course when you're ringing in the new year we'll have single digit wind chills so that's pretty harsh. 25 is it for the high temperature next monday, new year's day. seven-day forecast, few flurries may be possible tomorrow especially in the morning hours with that high of just 35 but nothing big. 37 there on saturday and that's another day where we'll be above freezing with those snow showers coming through but even though we get that bit of that reprieve two afternoons in a row
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worse. 27 on sunday, 25 and then 28 next tuesday. you can see as we get deeper into the seven-day forecast, not much changes so we're in it for the long haul with this unusual cold and it's not just us. it's nationwide. >> yes, you know it's bad when you're looking forward to the 30's. >> yeah. oh, boy, 37, yes. >> get above freezing and it's a real milestone. >> it's all relative. >> exactly. >> thank you, caitlin. >> sure. >> all right. navy we mentioned this earlier celebrating big tonight after blowing out the university of virginia in the military bowl. >> fox5's brody logan there for all the action. he joins us live from that after party in annapolis. how is it going now? >> reporter: you know, marina, it kind of wasn't fair for virginia. it's the military bowl, you're facing a military academy in their home stadium here in annapolis. but they got run out of the building by the midshipmen. 49 to seven. zach abey the quarterback set a bowl game record tied with five other players, one of only five players to rush for five touchdown in a bowl game. so, yeah, it's the military bowl cup but i
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what goes into this cup at this after party here and this is a party put on by sea wolf brewery for their new special hops ipa. this is a brewery that has a lot of history with the military, a lot of former military that have gone into making this brewery happen so they wanted to have this unveiling for a, a very smooth and tasty ipa here in annapolis and so i want to bring in more here with sea wolf brewery. what is the connection with this brewery and the naval academy and just the military in general? >> well, i was always born with the idea of being an annapolis based brand. many of the team members are naval academy graduates and veterans and we wanted to build a beer with the military in mind. you know, it's a celebration of a lifestyle. and also just a profession, you know, so this particular one we launched today, special hops ipa is our seal have you
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and we'll do others. >> reporter: this is a military based companies. all the names will be special hops, the seals with this. how big is this company going to be? i've heard expansion plans into 2018 not just here in the area. >> as a startup you want to watch getting ahead of yourself so let's just do the crawl walk run. >> reporter: got you. >> sort of plan, which is we started by launching today this first style. it's been a great day as you mentioned. >> reporter: delicious. >> navy beat virginia in a big way. here in annapolis. we launched our beer on this day and we'll go from there. >> reporter: so they're going to have a brewery a beer garden in howard county. the comptroller from maryland was here today. tony and marina, it's a delicious beer. i'm not a real ipa guy but this thing is smooth let me tell you. >> we can't tell. you're on like your fifth one. must be really good. >> we'll have to see what condition brody is in for the 8:00 p.m. show. >> we'll check
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>> yeah. we'll be right back.
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>> are you looking for love this winter? well, you're not the only one. according to peak dating season is already under way. really? the web site says it sees 50 million messages and 1 million dates between its users from december 26th through valentine's day. and if you're thinking of jumping into the dating pool, they say january 7th is the site's single busiest day. maybe people are trying get into a relationship in time for valentine's day. >> yeah, we were trying to figure out why the seventh. >> i don't know the seventh but i do think it's pretty common, i've heard people tell me, you know, new year's resolutions and all that, like i'
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year, i'm going to do it, i'm going to get online. >> i've heard of people breaking up before christmas so they don't have to give a good gift then they get back together. >> yeah. >> what kind of people you to ae yourself with. >> valentine's day requires gifts, too. >> that's what i've heard. break up before valentine's day. >> you need to get new friends, tony. >> keep it here. 5 at 6:30 right after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> hi everybody. making the grade. supporters say the president gets high marks for using executive policy to enact policy changes. >> as you can see from the run down this is one of the stories we're following at 6:30. now according to yahoo finance and the year since donald trump won the presidency, earnings have crept upward. employees have added 1.8 million jobs and the stock market has soared. that's enough to boost trump's grade economy to an a. >> what about everything else. let's bring in the associate professor at howard university. good to see you tonight. >> good to be back with you. >> let's talk about this. i know there are many different trains of thought on this. the president says the media is not giving him the credit he deserves for year one. let me just get your take on it.


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